Enlightened Visions

Here at Enlightened Studios, although the three main types of videos we film and produce are wedding, business, and music videos, we have the ability to bring ANY vision to life. We have also filmed short films and documentaries, along with contest entries and television spots. Let Enlightened Studios bring YOUR vision to life!


Owner | Videographer | Editor | Traveler

My journey has been incredible and inspiring. I live to create, I love to inspire others & love to help other’s ideas come to life through my Studio.

Everything is Awesome.

My name is Cole and I’m just another human wanderer like yourself. I’m a proud father, creative artist & innovative entrepreneur. Each day I put my best foot forward and with a little yoga and a little coffee I charge toward my goals. Some of my recent travels include India, Barbados, Vancouver and the breathtaking Northwest Coast of America. I have become super passionate about creating full-length documentaries but am always loving anytime I have behind my camera and in my studio.

Treat everything life throws at you like it is a test. Be kind and be humble. Pray.


Videographer | Entrepreneur | Futurist

Howdy everyone my name is TJ. I am a proud father, videographer and passionate entrepreneur. I actively pursue living a purpose-filled life and am blessed to be surrounded by others doing the same. I am a proud Army Veteran but am more proud to live my life dedicated to peace and compromise since leaving that world behind. I enjoy being apart of something positive so to work for Enlightened Studios is a true blessing. Living through our artwork and passions is very fulfilling indeed. I look forward to crossing paths with you and hearing about your journeys.

I hope to see you all on the summit.  God Bless.